What they do back home

Every expat wants to know what’s happening back in their home country. My home country? Well…

USA! USA! This guy is from Brooklyn (not Japan as the label says):

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  1. Marce
    Marce says:

    hahahahahaha oh my god, that´s awesomely terrible, oxymoronic as that might sound. That some people do this as a hobby, or even make a living out of it, is beyond me at this point. I can´t believe I used to tease a friend of mine for using his tennis racket as a guitar in between points!
    That´s it, my life goal from this point on will be to watch an air guitar show followed by a line dancing show… a lofty goal if there ever was one.

  2. exnat
    exnat says:

    But Marce, air guitar isn’t only a spectator sport. I think it’s time you made that air guitar / line dancing combo happen!!!!

  3. Marce
    Marce says:

    hahaha nah, the whole point is to laugh AT other people, not to have people laugh at me, where´s the fun in that? 😛
    If you want to make my life goal come true, I´m sure that as an American yourself, you could make an air-guitar/line-dancing show yourself… as the video says, it´s the one thing you Americans are still good at! 😛

  4. niania
    niania says:

    I thought these videos were excellent. I particularly enjoyed the skilled performance of the air guitarist, with the hello kitty breast-plate, in the second video.

    It was entertaining and reminded me of life. Some of us go through life without living but don’t get it until the end and then well, it’s the end. These guys are playing the guitar but at least they KNOW they aren’t playing a real guitar they even have a special name for it: air guitar.

    Everyone is clear the performers and the raving fans.

    In life there are few of us who recognize that we are living fake lives, going through motions, jumping through arbitrary hoops….I mean c’mon eat, sleep, work, tv-booze-sex and laughing at and/or beating up other people…this ain’t life guys!

    I don’t know if I’d call it air life. Maybe “scripted life”. Name isn’t important.

    At least with air guitar everybody knows there is no guitar. The thing about scripted life is that the participants don’t seem to realize they are part of a hoax. What a way to spend a life.

    Anyway with or without the physical guitar. Both are recognized and both are enjoyed. One is not mor valid that the other since in both cases everybody knows what’s going on and no one is being hoodwinked or frightened or bludgeoned into ignorance, silence or insanity….

    Yeah, those were the thoughts that went through my head.

  5. exnat
    exnat says:

    Wow. That’s probably the best comment I’ve got so far. If most people are leading fake lives, what would “real” life look like?

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