What is a good game to play when you’re sick?

Do you have folks to play with? If you do, you guys probably have your own games you can play and you probably don’t want anything structured anyways. But let’s say you have 4 or more folks who you can play with: ASSHOLE. It’s a fun game because you can roleplay the with the Great Delmuti terminology. Just now the President is the Great Delmuti and can be a kind and benevolent ruler or a mean one. The Vice President is the Lesser Delmuti to be respected not as much as the Greater Delmuti. And the Asshole is the Peon, who can be either subservient or rebellious, whatever.

The real fun of the game comes from playing your role. If you’re sick and the peon you can moan and be miserable and oppressed. If you’re the Great Delmuti you can just lie back and order around the commoners who kiss up to you.

But the real issue about being sick is not what to do with your friends, it’s about what to do when you can’t think and you don’t want anyone around and you’re too tired and irritated to do anything creative. You’d stare at a computer monitor but it gives you a headache. Nope, you need something low key but interesting, yet something you can put aside so you can drool and stare at the wall.

Knitting? Yes!!!! but if you want to a game, i highly suggest Choice (also called Dice Solitaire in Sackson’s Gamut of Games). All the rules you need are downloadable from boardgamegeek.com. All you need are 5 ordinary dice and pencil/paper to keep score with.

Learning new games is no fun when you’re sick so I highly recommend learning these before getting sick and adding a deck of cards and dice to your “Sick Kit” (you have one don’t you?). Even better, don’t get sick.

Anyone know any more games?

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