up the river

My aunt died yesterday and it’s hard not to be there for the funeral. The best way The only way I can really comprehend it is to imagine my brothers getting on the plane and my mom and dad at my aunt and uncle’s house. Dear family, when you read this, my thoughts are with you and I love you all and wish I were there.

I remember a conversation with Mrs. Culpepper I had before I left about loss. She said one way to view life is as a permenant condition of loss. Every moment we lose something and as we change we lose our old selves. We define ourselves in how we accept this loss and change. I believe travelling for long periods is a case study in accepting loss, a lesson in saying goodbye. Every day I meet new interesting people, close connections, and must say goodbye. Every day I find amazing places that I love and but there’s always the next bus.

To misquote somone:
life is but a memory and a forgetting…
trailing clouds of glory do we come.

Tomorrow I plan to set sail from the port town of Yurimaguas to the big jungle city of Iquitos. I’ll be leaving Tarapoto at 4am in a car going over super nasty dirt roads. It’s supposed to be 4-5 hours and I hope I make it before the departure time of 10am. Otherwise there isn’t another boat for 2 days. Tough stuff.

At the SAE office I took some unused maleria pills (Chloroquine & Proguanil) but in Tarapoto you can only buy Chloroquine. I did. 20 tablets of 250mg. On the plus side it’s cheap, on the minus side there’s some choloroquine resistance in the Amazon. Not good. Also the woman told me to take 500mg a day while CDC tells me 500mg a week. Confusing. Will look for Doxycycline in Iquitos.

I am tired and must now go to the market to look for clothes for the trip.

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