tickets, please…?

In the last couple days I’ve done a massive amount of research on
getting to South America. Why is it that I’m always travelling to into
the winter? I just can’t get enough of it. South Africa to Seattle to
South America. I just can’t seem to hit summer! At least it beats the
Sacramento summer. It’ll be 93 degrees tomorrow and it’s not even
June. And I’ll have plenty of time to suck up some sun before my
estimated departure date of June 21.

i think i’ve found the ticket i want:

$547 to Santiago, Chile
$411 to Lima, Peru

I’m thinking I should just get a one way ticket. There is an onward
ticket requirement in both these countries. Apparantly customs cares
much less than the international airlines who won’t let you board the
plane without an onward ticket. Perhaps this is why customs can be so

My plan is to buy a fully refundable ticket from American Airlines for
an outrageous amount and then… cancel and get a full refund. It
sounds obvious but too good to be true… It feels weird to buy a
$1,300 item solely to return it. I almost expect it not to work out
just so someone could say: “Hey, I told you so. You were just trying to
cheat the system.” I hope I stop feeling weird about stuff like this
cause it’s not helpful. I need to buy my ticket to Chile or Peru by May
28, before the offer expires.

I’ve worked out that if I spend $15 a day I can travel for a year.
That’s not bad, plenty of stuff I could do on $15 a day. My guess is
that places to stay are about $5 a night. Then food is about another $5
a day. Then that leaves $5 funmoney every day. That’s an outrageous
amount. I don’t think I’ll travel for a year but I do think that I’ll
be travelling as cheaply as possible.

Everyone keeps telling me to buy the darn ticket, that way I know I’m
going. I can see why. It’s scary to buy it but when I do I know
there’ll be an incredible weight lifted off my shoulders.

Last night I fixed up my $20 guitar with steel strings and a new bridge
saddle. The action is still really high and it still sounds… well…
like a $20 guitar but I can’t wait to play it on the road. I’m gonna go
now and learn how to play sad breakup songs. Tonight’s special: One
by Johnny Cash.

Well its too late
To drag the past out
Into the light
We’re one but we’re not the same
We get to carry each other
Carry each other

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