Story Spine: The Clever Fox

Like our first story spine we passed the six pages around, each person writing their part of the story and then everyone creating the art.

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  1. Tolly
    Tolly says:

    YEAH! I found your blog, Nathan!

    Did you know you have, like, 10 blogs out there? Of course you do. Anyway, consider me a new reader. I’m digging in and catching up.

  2. texnat
    texnat says:

    tolly, i read that austin girl before i knew who you were (yeah, soak in the fame). that’s the only blog i know about though. please send me the others.

    intimidated by starting a whole new blog, i combined my last 4 into one. so here you go. a lot of the images still haven’t been transfered from my peru/bolivia days but i’m slowly but surely uploading them.

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