semiannual checkin

So I’m sitting at a computer in the Seattle YMCA where I volunteer. It’s a one room classroom called the Seattle Rotary Education Center.

My life these days goes something like this:

At about 10-11 I roll up to the YMCA and volunteer till about 4. During lunch I make moves in my game of online diplomacy. After volunteering I work out for about an hour at the YMCA. I’ve never gone to a gym regularly before and it’s fun to get in the habit. They have rows of TVs in front of these exercise machines and people watch the news, MTV and, ironically, the food network.

I live with Dan in an apartment on Capitol Hill. It’s awesome: very beautiful, central, and it’s a few blocks from Felix so I get to see him a lot. I will soon be seeing Josh more as well because he’s moving to Capitol Hill as well, though a bit further away. Dan is working at the Cheesecake Factory.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Aviva. We’ve both been unemployed and loving it. This all is going to change, however, as she just got a job running Dan Beecroft for Portly Commissioner. I’m worried because this will mean she will be very busy (70 hour weeks) and she is worried cause she’s afraid the guy will back out of the race. Apropos that I’ve made the decision to leave the country in July and enjoy the last few months of unemployment looking for jobs in other countries.

So that’s the news from Lake Woebegone, enough background to set the stage for the new entries to come.

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