OK. So I’m back in the States now and, after two solid weeks of freaking out about silly things that seem large sometimes, I have decided to be in Seattle for an amount of time. Part of this is because Seattle is a great city, both my brothers are here, the rent market is good, it’d be a perfect buffer between coming back from South Africa and leaving to travel or teach abroad, and the fact that I’ve been toying with moving to Seattle since I left college


It’s mostly because I returned to the States to find that Aviva had moved here while I’d been away.


So I called up Dan, my roommate from the last year and tried to persuade him to leave Sacramento. “I don’t know,” says Dan. “I really can’t promise anything. I guess it sounds like it might be fun.” He calls me the next day: “I just quit my job. When do we leave?”


Today I filed for unemployment in California. I applied online. My attitude is… “Hey, I can’t believe I might be getting money and not work.” If I actually get a check ever I will be fucking amazed. I can’t believe it’s even possible…

In the meantime I’m helping out on the Kerry campaign. Aviva got a job on it and I’ve just been offered one as well. Outrageous. It’d be $2000 a month but about 12 hours a day and no days off. Yikes! I’m not sure how much I really believe in Kerry or how good I’d be at organizing people. It’d be stressful! I’m kind of happy just volunteering with Aviva as my boss, especially if I’d be collecting unemployment. Heck! I’d be a sucker to work!

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