Perhaps… Perhaps… Perhaps…

I recently heard this poem read and I found it very inspiring.

for the loneliness of an author

Perhaps these thoughts of ours
will never find an audience
Perhaps the mistaken road
will end in a mistake
Perhaps the lamps we light one at a time
will be blown out, one at a time
Perhaps the candles of our lives will gutter out
without lighting a fire to warm us.

Perhaps when all the tears have been shed
the earth will be more fertile
Perhaps when we sing praises to the sun
the sun will praise us in return
Perhaps these heavy burdens
will strengthen our philosophy
Perhaps when we weep for those in misery
we must be silent about miseries of our own

Because of our irresistible sense of mission
We have no choice.

by Shu Ting
translated from the Chinese by Carolyn Kizer

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  1. hijo de thor, sobrino de messner
    hijo de thor, sobrino de messner says:

    me tomo la libertad de postearle otro poema como comment.

    Si me hubiese esforzado un poco mas

    Si no hubiese abandonado todo

    Si no hubiese renunciado

    Si hubiese sido un poco ma sfuerte

    Si no hubiese sido tan terco

    Si no hubiese tenido tanto miedo

    No tendria esta sensacion de fracaso

    Este peso que cada dia poesa mas

    Esta oscuridad impenetrable

    Esta falta de aire y de esperanzas

    Esa sensacion de vacio

    Caigo peor ni siquiera hay suelo

    La oscuridad me oprime

    Y la uz que se veia al final del tunel se ha extinguido

    Estyo solo en la multitud

    Acompañado pero solo

    El universo no confabula contra mi

    Pero asi se siente aveces.

    No hay nada

    Y lo que si hay esta en contra

    O por lo menos asi se siente

    No hay nada, nada de nada

    Solo la oscuridad

    Y una tormenta de las malas

    Se seco el pozo

    Y no viene la lluvia

    Soy carne de este cañon sadico en que ha devenido mi vida

    No se adonde pero algun lado estoy yendo

    Solo ruego que llegue rapido

    Si tan solo…..

    Pero no.

  2. MC Sandwich
    MC Sandwich says:

    Jesus Christ,

    This poetry is all getting a little heavy.

    Nate, thanks for posting that. I too found it inspiring. It makes me wonder which parts of it we lose in translation.

    Regardless, I’m writing the last line of it on the chalk board hanging outside of my room:

    Because of our irresistible sense of mission
    We have no choice.”

    I want to write. I want to build something new. I want to change the way people think about things for the better.

    And, to do that, an “irresistible sense of mission” is key.

    Have fun in the States,

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