Life here in Seattle is kind of tough because I’m purposeless. Before when I asked myself why I was here I would answer: so I can be near Aviva. This was a terrible answer and, for the most part, I blame it for breaking us up. But now that we are broken up, why am I here? And I guess I am here cause I signed a lease and I’m stuck here. Otherwise I’d be… travelling. I think it’s hard to travel unless you’re running from something or going to somewhere and now I guess I will be doing both soon.

A lot of my problem is that I have nothing to “show” for being here. No big ol stamp on the resume. I remember the first time I ever hung out with Aviva she was upset because she had learned so much abroad but it wasn’t quantifiable. We drew with pastels and I was telling her that the stuff she had learned would be with her all her life. That she didn’t need a piece of paper just to say she had learned something.

Maybe I’ll draw myself a diploma.

I need one.

I wonder if I should give myself a minor…

this is the diploma she drew herself

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