Life Takes Visa

I just read this article called Monopoly ditches cash, goes plastic. My understanding is that this is relatively old news but then… Visa Takes (on) the Game of Life.

This is nuts! Games are meant to teach things. One of the only redeeming qualities of Monopoly is that it teaches small kids to count cash and, hopefully, use it wisely. Life is similar. For little kids, who are realistically the only people who will enjoy these two games, should be learning arithmetic. The Visa Card essentially puts a branded calculator in the boxes. Except it’s worse. Research, which I heard somewhere once, says that people spend about 15% more with credit cards than with cash so we’re certainly teaching them something, but what?

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    in reference to your oct. ’05 post, did you ever find a job in b.a.? i live in New York, recently graduated law school, and want to move to & work in B.A., but have no idea how to proceed. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  2. nathan
    nathan says:

    Hi Alan and Deena,
    Thanks for posting!


    Yeah, I found a job here where I’ve been working for the last year and a half. I really recommend just coming and checking it out. I remember reading all kinds of literature that psyched me out about how hard it was to come work here (and actually make money) but it wasn’t the case for me.

    A lot of people might say I got lucky but I think, for Americans coming here, it’s hard not to. The biggest thing is to have a positive attitude and be willing to work hard at getting established. It’s very hard to find a job that’s not under the table because the beaurocracy is tough. I now finally have a legal work permit but I’m still paid in cash because it’s a lot more paperwork to open a bank account here.

    You can get a general sense of how much you’ll be making by looking at craiglist job ads for buenos aires. There’s a fair amount of office/managerial jobs that you can get just by speaking english. Housing is really kind of tough to find. It can be quite expensive if you’re from out of town.

    Do you speak spanish? Have you ever lived in another country?

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