Foreigners in America Beware!

So I searched on for “South America” and the number two article (after “South America Headed Towards Unification” was this article: Foreigners in America Beware! Not up to date on the news and being a foreigner in America, I quickly checked. I suggest you do the same.

I guess here’s a little something I’d forgotten after being a month in Peru.

My favorite quote:
Foreigners in America beware! Someday our patience will end, and then the despicable, lying mouths of the foreigners and corrupt politicians will be closed forever.

It’s hard to look in the mirror. I would like to tell myself that this is not a strongly held opinion but it was number two on googlenews for some reason… probably because lots of people check that site out…

forever is a really long time…

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  1. the universal foreigner
    the universal foreigner says:

    Man, that’s some scary reading there. I mean, I get impatient with the waiters, construction workers and tomato pickers too, especially when they’re not working fast enough during their ten or twelve hour workdays, but let’s have some pinko liberal compassion here, okay?
    What’s up Nathan? This is Mike, the one who owes you a pitcher of beer at Stinger’s (payable in September when you get back). Send me an email or something sometime (

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Nathan. I’m just checking in to see what is up with you and your journey. I hope this letter comes out okay. I was up really late last night watching cable tv. After my all you can eat dinner at Sizzler for $9, I was really tired. So I hired a Mexican to type this letter as I dictated it. I hope the spelling and general tone come out correct. I am going to start in on my 37 pack of beer I just got at Costco for $2. Man! Can’t this air conditioning go any lower. Sorry dude, I will have to write more later – Jay Leno just came on and I don’t want to miss the Cher interview. (The previous statements are a test of the Fat American bullshit system. In the event of of a real crisis – most American’s wouldn’t know what the fuck to do. As I have said for years: “As long as there are 99 cent burgers and the cable tv is working, we will avoid an American revolution.” It is almost poetic. Our thoughts of with you on your travel – PEACE – C3RMAK FAMILY

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