exnat begins

no sugar tonight in my coffee
no sugar tonight in my tea
no sugar to stand beside me
no sugar to run with me

Welcome to exnat, the blog about MY experiences as an expat in Buenos Aires. In November 2005 I arrived with a 30L backpack and a plan to stay 3 days before heading on to Montevideo. A year and half later I have an apartment full of my furniture and am no closer to Uruguay than I was when I arrived. What makes this city so irresistable? What has turned a one night stand with Buenos Aires into a relationship? Why am I happy to have a 9am-6pm job where I stare at a screen all day? What’s it like to learn Spanish through trial and error? Who is the president of Argentina? These are the mysteries I intend to explore in this here blog.

So buckle up. We’re going for a ride…

Now wait a month for the next post.

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  1. Alan Patrick
    Alan Patrick says:

    Looking forward to that next post. Do I win a prize for being your first commenter?

    And wow, a link to my blog 🙂 And in such good company too…

  2. Karine
    Karine says:

    A month is way too long!!!! A daily posting will do it just fine.. Ahh and now ur saying at least a 3-week wait! NO no no…. please please post more often, as I still trying to figure who’s the president of Argentina!!!! :O

  3. exnat
    exnat says:

    hey frank,
    speaking of snailpost, let’s see how you do in the upcoming Buenos Aires Blogging Olympics!!! I heard that the winner will be mayor of the Buenos Aires Blogging Community (or BABC).
    I want to try post every couple of days. We’ll see soon what actually happens

    from the best i can make out from the graffiti here i think that hello kitty is the president…

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