Common Traveler Types

Checking out travelblogs I ran into which sums up different traveler types. They talk about the gap year traveller, the pre-kids travellers, and then they talk about me:

Mid-Twenties Crisis
Vast numbers of people mid-way through the start of promising careers realize that this is not what they wanted to do their whole lives! This often coincides with finally paying off the debts from university educations, or the saving of enough money to put a deposit on a house, and then realizing that there is more to life than careers, office politics and material things, like increasing the size of the DVD collection. One massive positive out of all these negatives is that confused, possibly disillusioned career people can embark on one the most worthwhile experiences of their lives, which might well be life changing.

Typical characteristics : often the lone traveller, usually from a ‘good job’, discovering more about themselves than they had ever imagined. They are often found in very adventurous situations!

yep. i guess i can admit it. i’m in my quarter life crisis…

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