Magician, Clown, Assistant, and Mime

Magician vs Clown Website

Magician, Clown, Assistant, and Mime

The cast of the most recent Feb 9th show: Magician, Clown, Assistant, and Mime

It’s the new year and we’ve already been having a handful of awesome Magician vs Clown shows and we have new brand new two longer shows already mapped out. One thing we have lacked, however, is a nice website that someone could visit and get a sense of what the act is about. To remedy this I finally got around to throwing up a simple WordPress site at

Magician vs Clown Website

Magician vs Clown Website

WordPress is simply ridiculously easy and it took just a couple of hours to get it just the site looking just the way I wanted with just a little extra to work through a tutorial on using Illustrator’s mesh tool. The site’s header also features the new, entirely vectorized MVC logo, another Illustrator victory (I’m no longer scared of the pen tool). Photoshop was always my go-to but I’m reaching for Illustrator a lot more these days.

Drawing I helped create in the improv workshop

Improvised Art Game

A year ago I had the opportunity to take an improv workshop from Rich Talarico, an amazing improviser from Chicago. One activity we did has really stuck with me and during my artistic plane flight back to Austin, my row-mates and I played with it. The idea is that you take turns make a small, one line contribution to a piece of paper (without discussing or planning). When someone feels it’s done, instead of drawing they say “Done” and the art is finished.

Because it almost forces you to give up control and just play, it’s a great art activity for when you’re feeling stifled.

Once upon a time there was an airplane.

Story Spine: The Airplane

After boarding my 6am flight from Sacramento to Austin I was getting ready to immerse myself in my laptop.  However the people sitting in the row with me were so AWESOME that we made a story spine about airplanes.

It blows me away how accessible this form of art is for people. I think I really might have invented something by attaching the story to art.  And meeting such awesome strangers reminded me of how awesome it is to travel, not just to be in a new place but also the act of moving from one place to another.

Once Upon A Time...

Story Spine: Double Rainbow

At the end of my time in Sacramento I met up with Joe, Nic, and Angel.  We made this wonderful story spine about a double rainbow.

Story Spine: The Clever Fox

Like our first story spine we passed the six pages around, each person writing their part of the story and then everyone creating the art.

Story Spine: Blackmarket Ink

Tried playing Story Spine with my high school friends.  I liked the results.