camping and graduation

this last weekend i went car camping with ben and jake. the first night we went to this great place, aroyo seco. we hopped down to the river and i got in some guitar and swimming.

The next night we camped at the Andrew Malera State Park campsite, an old college stomping ground. It’s great cause it’s got flush toilets and all that, but you have to go about a quarter mile from the parking lot. This means no RVs and not a lot of people bringing in too much junk. It’s right on the coast.

I came back for the Choices graduation which turned out to be awesome. A few students I had had were graduating and it was great to see. Then off to the Choices dinner at El Torito. It was a set price, of course, and we each had little placemats which contained our orders. Kippie, the office manager, was organizing all the little logistical intricacies, Marie hobnobbed with the district brass, and the sportsloving men got loaded and raucous. Everything seemed in its place, like a little world where everyone has their own role. Friendships, hierarchies and alliances changed and shifted, like a little ecosystem. It’s reassuring, reminds me of my visit last fall.

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