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Ok. So i think i saw this person advertise her tours in craigslist months and months ago (back when I still read craigslist) but, man, she hits it dead on:

As tours are mostly sold word of mouth the “are you good enough to take my tour” attitude has MAJOR appeal. Having read her blog for only 30 seconds, never communicated with her or heard anything about her, let me highly recommend the service she provides (if only to see what service she provides). It’s the only Buenos Aires tour I’d take, which I won’t.

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  1. Diva
    Diva says:

    Hola. I love that you wrote about me on your blog. You know, soon I`ll be a Buenos Aires icon (Next to Maradonna, Evita,Piazzola), so thanks for contributing to spread the word.
    hasta luego

  2. nathan
    nathan says:

    yeah… tuesday’s activity is stenciling pictures of you all over palermo 😀

    honestly though, it’s great to see someone taking on the tourism thing head on, breaking down the barrier between being on a tour and having an interaction with a real human being. blah blah blah.

    most tour guides don’t travel and so it makes sense that they have zero idea of what tourists actually want. so you go on this tour and the folks kind of try to fake it for you, shape things so they fit the image of what people say they want. it seems like all involved are just trying to play nice and to avoid a genuine cultural experience.

    i’ve never given tours so i don’t know but you say that you lie if you don’t like the people. maybe these folks just didn’t like me and lied… well… damn…

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