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what the [bleep] do we know?

If the goal of the movie was to spark conversation, it worked. The first time I tried to watch it (with my behavioral psychologist friend) we watched the first half and turned it off for an argument. Last night she, her philosophy major boyfriend and I made it through the movie with moderate heckling and […]

tickets, please…?

In the last couple days I’ve done a massive amount of research on getting to South America. Why is it that I’m always travelling to into the winter? I just can’t get enough of it. South Africa to Seattle to South America. I just can’t seem to hit summer! At least it beats the Sacramento […]


The American investment banker was at the pier of a smallcoastal Mexican village when a small boat with just onefisherman docked. Inside the small boat were severallarge yellow fin tuna. The American complimented the Mexicanon the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them.The Mexican replied, “Only a little while”. […]

Common Traveler Types

Checking out travelblogs I ran into travelblog.org which sums up different traveler types. They talk about the gap year traveller, the pre-kids travellers, and then they talk about me: Mid-Twenties CrisisVast numbers of people mid-way through the start of promising careers realize that this is not what they wanted to do their whole lives! This […]

top secret mission

I’m sitting at the Fuel coffeeshop. Victrola, my usual coffeeshop has banned laptops on the weekends. They want to encourage conversations and save tablespace. It was getting to the point that you’d have the whole coffeeshop full of people staring at screens. I’m typing onto this little Dell laptop I bought because I was so […]

the end of mediocrity

a few weeks ago i freaked out and called everyone to tell them i was freaking out, that i didn’t know where my life was going, that i was a bit depressed. everyone was very supportive, very nice. main point of advice: stop talking to aviva and either start travelling or get a job. i […]

Get Over It

It’s funny how you can get caught between two diametrically opposed points of view. Both are equally valid but to the exclusion of the other. I’m caught between travelling and putting down roots, between hoping that Aviva and I will get back together and getting over it. I’m sitting in Victrola listening to Ira Glass […]


WAITING FOR THE BUS Life here in Seattle is kind of tough because I’m purposeless. Before when I asked myself why I was here I would answer: so I can be near Aviva. This was a terrible answer and, for the most part, I blame it for breaking us up. But now that we are […]

kraft singles

so i guess i’m single now. weird. uhhhmmm…. yeah. single. whoooooo!!!! i guess it’s a cliche but i’m discovering all that extra time that i always felt i never had. it’s amazing the stuff you can get accomplished when you’re single. the breakup was good. respectful. probably as good as it gets. both of us […]

semiannual checkin

So I’m sitting at a computer in the Seattle YMCA where I volunteer. It’s a one room classroom called the Seattle Rotary Education Center. My life these days goes something like this: At about 10-11 I roll up to the YMCA and volunteer till about 4. During lunch I make moves in my game of […]

no no… not dead…

i haven’t written on this blog for a long time. somehow it’s not nearly as much fun for me if i don’t get to put up pictures. however, i do have plenty of time and i really ought to be writing stuff down more. here in seattle i’m enjoying the life of being independantly independant. […]

Yes Men

Link to the Interview: NPR : ‘Yes Men’ Prankster Mike Bonanno The Movie Website The Yes Men Blog Genius… A lot more personally rewarding than supporting Kerry…  

Interval in Cowtown

Coming in from Seattle Sacramento is a sleepy pocket of warmth. from the plane you see all the squares mapped out, the tractors chugging away, plowing the earth, their columns of smoke rising above them like a sleepy tornado. I land and regina has texted me that she’s leaving to pick me up from the […]


OK. So I’m back in the States now and, after two solid weeks of freaking out about silly things that seem large sometimes, I have decided to be in Seattle for an amount of time. Part of this is because Seattle is a great city, both my brothers are here, the rent market is good, […]

back in the burg

i didn’t shave much in lesotho i left lesotho on the 4th in a combi taxi (or black taxi as they’re called). the idea is that they cram 15 people into a minivan, luggage and all, and make a 6 hour journey. going to lesotho from durban was fine (cept for the bends paranoia) but […]

lesotho hardcorps

In the Tekweni hostel in Durban one of the folksies I met was Luke, a Peace Corps volunteer who is stationed in Lipringh, a village of about 400 or so. He invited me to come after he had finished with his semiannual check in so I occupied myself getting SCUBA certified in Durban. Lesotho is […]

cool runnings

I TOOK THE TRAIN FROM JOBURG TO DURBS greetings from Durban, South Africa. where the beach is warm, the winter is warm, and the people are… well… very friendly. Durban is definately the chillest city in the country. i got here on Friday, Aug 13 only intending to stay for a day or two. Two […]

On Trial For Treason

Today I went to the MuseuMAfricA. It’s a kitschy place that every so often it takes you by surprise. It has the usual native artifacts, San Bushman rock paintings, and an exhibit on the history of the photograph but then it has a quality that can only be South African. By this I mean the […]

apartheided out and car me later

yesterday i headed to the apartheid museum which turned out not the be the apartheid museum at all but rather “the fort”. my experience there was cut short midway as i apparently did the entire tour backwards, meaning only at the end did i get to the place that you’re expected to pay at. it […]

packing my library

I took down my bookcases today, packed up my library, and brought it over to my parents for safekeeping. Back at my apartment I’m writing in the blog. It’s strange being half moved out. I wanted to write in a quote from “Unpacking My Library” by Walter Binyamin but I turned around and, hey, all […]

First Entry

I’ve just finished setting up the blog. I’m hoping it’s readable and will end up looking OK. It’s good to have it out of the way. I still have some things to do for the school. Then I also have to move out and clean the apartment. I’ve been debating whether or not to invest […]