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Off to Cusco

I returned to Lima for a few days which was relaxing as can be. I really needed it. It was the end of my first month abroad and time to take stock of all the whos, whats, whens, wheres, hows and whys. It was also time to steel myself for the next leg of the […]


  Huanuco is located in the stunning sierras and is poorest district of Peru and if that is any indication, and it probably shouldn’t be, the folks there are the friendliest I’ve met so far. They had one fairly uninteresting tourist site, The Temple of the Crossed Hands, where I met some French tourists. We […]

Pucallpa to Huanuco: Pueblo Unido!

The bus trip from Pucallpa to Huanuco was, of course, eventful. All the overnight bus trips I take seem to leave at 9pm and take 8hrs. This puts me at some lame part of time at about 5am and to befuddled to be grouchy. So I generally hope for eventfulness on the journey so we […]

Pucallpa and onward

We arrived in Pucallpa at 3am that night. Everyone stayed on board because Pucallpa is quite dangerous at night. The stories are that the taxi drivers take you off to some deserted place, kill you for a few dollars, and dump your body in the lake. Who knows if there is any truth to these […]

LANCHA pt. 4: Pirates!

The next day passed quite as the others: sunny and lazy. But that evening there was quite a bit of a stir. Most of the boat was watching Titanic. Meanwhile my game of Casino had turned into a conversation about Peru’s governmental problems, of which there are many. Like most other Latin American countries Peru […]

LANCHA pt. 3: filling up

On the third day the ship was entirely in a routine. I awoke late for breakfast (café con leche) but so did everyone else – apparently if we are to be served the same every day then we are not as excited to rush. I noticed pretty early on that I’d been mistaken in my […]

LANCHA pt. 2: Fiesta on the 4th floor

I woke up much more rested. Breakfast was cafe con leche whcih is served in a bowl and has little to do with coffee or milk, looks like Amazonian river water and tastes like a Frapuccino fell in a vat of boiling water. The object of the game is to dunk your ration of 3 […]

LANCHA pt.1: Aboard the Don Segundo

This is a long post and I suggest the reader find a nice cup of Tension Tamer tea, a quiet place, and only then venture on the voyage found in the following pages. You have been forwarned. Avast! Florence and I went to the market this morning and bought the necessary items for our respective […]

Foreigners in America Beware!

So I searched on googlenews.com for “South America” and the number two article (after “South America Headed Towards Unification” was this article: Foreigners in America Beware! Not up to date on the news and being a foreigner in America, I quickly checked. I suggest you do the same. I guess here’s a little something I’d […]

Iquitos Policos

Iquitos a tranquilo city in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. I met up with Tan of SAE and sister on their final day in town. I called my SERVAS host to leave a message that I was going out with them and we danced all night, only returning at 5am to sleep for a […]

travelling light

So when I left for this trip I was surprised at how OCD I became about the size and weight of my backpack, weighing out everything that was to enter it. I was obsessed with “travelling light”. People travel heavy because they do not trust the world to be there for them tomorrow. Perhaps they […]

Treehouse Haircut

BELIN, IQUITOS – Here many houses are built on stilts because the Amazon floods half the year and the city becomes like Venice, except imagine your Venecian Coke costing ten cents rather than two euros. Soda is definately cheaper and more readily available than water. I needed a haircut and got one in a stilt […]


I missed the boat. But I got a plane and consequently… Greetings from Iquitos, the world’s largest city which is not connected by any roads! Instead it is sort of an island surrounded by the Amazon River and then doubly isolated by being surrounded by hundreds of miles of dense rainforest with nary a city […]

Global Challenge

While trying to price out trips to Lagunas de Los Condores in Leymabamba I came across what looked like a group of 15 British teen tourists. I figured they’d know about tour companies but it turned out to be a British group called Global Challenge, volunteers who come to Peru to help out Peru. This […]

up the river

My aunt died yesterday and it’s hard not to be there for the funeral. The best way The only way I can really comprehend it is to imagine my brothers getting on the plane and my mom and dad at my aunt and uncle’s house. Dear family, when you read this, my thoughts are with […]

laguna de los condores

Leymabamba is a tiny town of a couple thousand, most famous for it’s museum of fairly grotesque mummies. Or at least grotesque to me. In Cajamarca the family I was staying with told me to go there and showed me pictures of the mummies. MUMMIES LOOK BETTER STILL IN THE SACK What the Chachapoyans (the […]

Celendin to Leymabamba

On the combi from Cajamarca to Celendin I sat next to one of the guys who stops cars and searches them for drugs. He’s on vacation and visiting Celendin because they’re having an ongoing celebration for the next month. I asked him about the route I want to take through the jungle. Apparently there is […]


I arrived in Cajamarca at 4:30 in the morning and waited till 6:30 in the bus station to show up at the host´s house. Made some progress in “Roughing It” (Mark Twain). The hosts were very welcoming and treated me to a lovely breakfast and afterwards the daughter, Sandra (16), took me around the town […]

Lima a Trujillo

So much to tell and I keep putting it off and it just builds up and I forget it. But here goes for some of it. My last night in Lima I went to a marinera dance class with Tanalees, an girl from the US working in the SAE. She was amazingly helpful during my […]

tourist culture

Having never surfed, let me say that I think travelling is in some respects like surfing. You get up a certain amount of speed and ride the wave, which eventually ends and you need to paddle out again to catch the next one. It’s billed as a cool relaxed lifestyle but when you’re actually doing […]


Yesterday I left my first host family in Servas and set off for my next one, which I connected with back in Sacramento when my Spanish was completely unintelligible (currently people understand the words I say but they´re fairly meaningless: “yes i like fish nights”). Anyways, typical of my 3 year old SERVAS list, the […]


All righty. Had some requests to tell about the food. Good food abounds in this tasty country of goodness. Lessons learned? This is a list of stuff I already suspected but had reconfirmed by delicious Peru. 1. Everything can be made better with eggs. Including mixed drinks. 2. American food is generally toxic and should […]


I´m back from Pachacamaq and taking full advantage of the free email at my host´s house and taking this oppurtunity from my day to NOT speak Spanish. The last time I experienced this kind of immersion was in Israel when I spoke Hebrew all day. But that was in class. Before i came i was […]

Estados Unidos… es Peru…

  Ah yes, the first entry from the new country: PERU! I know what is expected, those exciting tales of adventure: how my guitar was stolen at the airport by a pair of thieving taxi drivers, how i navigate my way perfectly around the bustling city in spanish, how i have taken up drinking brandy […]


I’m obsessive about backpacks. Completely obsessive. I have the same backpack that I bought when i was 13 and starting high school. It’s an Eagle Creek bag rucksack. Nothing special, meant to hold books. I’ve had it for 12 years now and it’s covered with scars the scars of memories. I travelled with it for […]

camping and graduation

this last weekend i went car camping with ben and jake. the first night we went to this great place, aroyo seco. we hopped down to the river and i got in some guitar and swimming. The next night we camped at the Andrew Malera State Park campsite, an old college stomping ground. It’s great […]

it’s the waiting that gets ya…

i just ate a small piece of typhoid. or at least i think it was a small piece of typhoid. last couple days i got all my shots out of the way. all i have left are these pills which i can only assume are made from live typhoid. all they told me was that […]