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dear readers, this blog is now closed. due to the recent snow, the plea bargain, and my lack of sleep my attorney’s have advised me not to comment. however, to give a little hinty-hint it’s got to do with the NEW BLOG that i’ve got going on. this NEW BLOG is not about travelling and […]

Life Takes Visa

I just read this article called Monopoly ditches cash, goes plastic. My understanding is that this is relatively old news but then… Visa Takes (on) the Game of Life. This is nuts! Games are meant to teach things. One of the only redeeming qualities of Monopoly is that it teaches small kids to count cash […]

What is a good game to play when you’re sick?

Do you have folks to play with? If you do, you guys probably have your own games you can play and you probably don’t want anything structured anyways. But let’s say you have 4 or more folks who you can play with: ASSHOLE. It’s a fun game because you can roleplay the with the Great […]

My companionship / Massages for a Car

Looks like folks in Buenos Aires are learning a bit about the wonders of craigslist.My companionship / Massages for a CarReply to: sale-294885816@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-03-16, 5:45AM ARTHello,I’m a single lady 29 y/old. From here,very sexy. I would really love to have a car -suv . I can trade my “time” for it. I’m very outgoing, sweet […]

Supermarkets: Buenos Aires

I had two great supermarket experiences yesterday: LUNCH I brought some nice lentil soup to work and then thought to run to the supermarket to buy some bread rolls. So it’s lunchtime and there’s tons of people at the bread counter. You grab a number. Unfortunately I was holding mine (98) upside down and I […]

In the Shadow of Fu Manchu

Imagine a person, tall, lean and feline, high-shouldered, with a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan, a close-shaven skull, and long, magnetic eyes of the true cat-green. Invest him with all the cruel cunning of an entire Eastern race, accumulated in one giant intellect, with all the resources of science past and present… […]

Visiting Friends

One of the things all expats love and dread is the visiting friend. “Oh, you’re in Buenos Aires? How lovely! I’ll stop by. I only have a few days but we can go see all the sights together!” There is that delicate balance because living abroad means that you haven’t seen these guys for awhile […]


In Buenos Aires, the big craze is MSN messenger. The first thing we do when people start at my office is get them a .net account and download the latest version of messenger. It’s crazy. We all sit in rooms surrounded by people with headphones on and we “chat” by typing into our computer. It’s […]

but… are there bagels?

I love the Lonely Planet Thorntree. It’s this place where people who really have no clue at all can ask folks who’re actually in the places they’re going. And it totally works. They get real (conflicting) opinions! It’s great and you can give as well as get. I was just visiting the Uruguayan Thorntree thread […]


Cheating on someone is wrong and really interesting as well. To me it’s simple: you’re not supposed to. You give your word and you’re not supposed to break it. To me, the key is honesty. No one is forcing you to be involved in the relationship; you’re choosing to participate. You could always tell your […]

how people find my blog

I just put a statcounter on this blog. A lot of people come across blogs because they typed some words into google and google spits out some relevant sites. Well, statcounter can tell you what people typed in that brought them to your blog. This is mine: Let’s just comment on these: There is no […]

Villa Crespo or Bust

My philosophy up till this point has been to take whatever housing that destiny or chance offered me. I moved from living with friends in Caballito (2 months) to living in a stark one room cell with kitchenette and toilet in Congreso (5 months) to a nice 2 bedroom in snooty Palermo. Now I’ve been […]

Buenos Aires Housing: The Garantía

So a friend of mine very kindly decided to give me a guarantia and so now I’m moving from ultra rich Palermo Chico to nice, normal, good vibey Villa Crespo. The first thing to understand is that are weird archaic housing laws and customs here. At least on paper, in the USA it doesn’t matter […]

Ña Serapia and El Preferido

Ña Serapia and El Preferido are awesome argentine restaurants in very different ways. both are small and both are super established in the community. both contain mostly locals but both are known to tourists. both have great “normal” homecooked food, though different types and with completely different vibes.the main difference is that they both capture […]

Chinese Food: Buenos Aires

Wherever you go in the world you’ll find Chinese food. I have not been anywhere but I know this is true because there are literally a billion chinese people and most of them eat chinese food. Also it is very tasty. Also it is easy to make. Also it is cheap to make. And finally, […]

Game Costumes: The Chest Set

Awhile ago I signed up to take an experimental design class. It’s funny cause I have no idea what it’ll be about or involve but it sounds pretty exciting. One thing I’m a little worried about is that it will involve making clothes. What I really want to design are games. Board games. A game […]

Stargate Review

Ok. So I just went to see this movie, Stargate. The movie is about how in 1920 the US made an archeological discovery in Egypt which the government confiscated pretty quickly. This in itself is interesting because it was actually Britain who controlled Egypt at the time. Anyways we cut to the present day where […]

Thomas Friedman

Man… I really liked his book, From Beruit to Jerusalem, but then I listened to him on On Point and I just couldn’t stand him. He sounded so full of himself as if his opinion mattered more simply because he’s famous. He wasn’t very coherent though. Then I poked about and apparently I wasn’t the […]

A big war… by our currents standards

From this online U.S History course we’re making: World War II was the most destructive war in the world’s history up to this point. Tens of millions of lives were lost, millions of acres of land were destroyed, billions of dollars spent, homes and government offices were obliterated, and lives were shattered. At the end […]

Bitch Tours

Ok. So i think i saw this person advertise her tours in craigslist months and months ago (back when I still read craigslist) but, man, she hits it dead on: http://bitchtours.blogspot.com/ As tours are mostly sold word of mouth the “are you good enough to take my tour” attitude has MAJOR appeal. Having read her […]

Monseigneur in Town

I have been listening to the podcast of A Tale of Two Cities. Here is an excerpt from the chapter, Monseigneur in Town: The leprosy of unreality disfigured every human creature in attendance upon Monseigneur. In the outermost room were half a dozen exceptional people who had had, for a few years, some vague misgiving […]


Here is an excerpt from the class we’re developing on interpersonal communications: When you first join an organization, you probably feel somewhat uncertain about what is expected of you and how the organization operates. During your first few months on the job, you undergo a socialization process where, by observing what the organization says and […]

way too much time

I was talking with my coworker about getting some steak for lunch and i drew him a picture on MSN Messenger: The conversation continued like this: coworker: you have way too much time on your handsnathan: jeje. don’t worry. i have the same amount you do. 24 hours a day coworker: jajajanathan: people tend to […]

one year later…

It’s been about a year and a half since I left the states and about a year since I’ve been silent on this blog. It hasn’t been intentional… But the fact is that it’s super super hard to write when you know the folks you’re around. Not just because they might read it and judge […]

the joys of technology

After a month here in Buenos Aires, yesterday was my first difficult day. I couldn’t figure out what exactly how to do what I wanted: buy some headphones and some shoes. The clothing stores seemed all be closed and the headphones were all prohibitively expensive. I just couldn’t seem to find the cheap stores. I […]

accepting work

I was invited back for a second interview which contained a kind of short test to see how well I operated in Word. Mark offered me the job and I accepted. I had decided to accept the job before we talked about the particulars. I was happy and I wanted to work. It felt wonderful […]

The Online Job Hunt

Job postings on the internet were scarce and it is strange to see http://buenosaires.craigslist.com postings, usually an informal way for people to connect cheaply, adapted to fit the US tourist/expat market abroad. For example, under the FOR SALE catagory: Are you a female that wants to become an american citizen. If you are this is […]

The Buenos Aires Job Hunt

Anna, who is also toying with the idea of living here, got great job listings from the French Embassy and everyone I talked to suggested the American Embassy would be an excellent resource. Armed with an up to date resume I marched off to find out for myself. When I went I was surprised American […]