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Friends, Portenos, Expats: Lend me your ears. I come not to praise exnat, but to bury it. That’s right, after months of not posting, it’s time to put a fork in this little blog: it’s done. My first blog, triptrap, was the travel blog I wrote in until I arrived in Buenos Aires and was […]

8 rules for your first expat year

So you’ve decided to move to Buenos Aires. It tougher than you might think. Most expats experience some serious culture shock after the first few months of honeymoon anesthesia wears off. Here are some hints. I welcome more. 1. Avoid all needy expats at all costs There is a love/hate relationship between expats and themselves. […]

The Manshake

Cheek Kissing.  It’s a custom I really love. For American’s such as myself it seems really intimate but it was explained to me on arrival by a coworker who pointed out that from a health perspective it’s far more sanitary than shaking hands. First of all you hardly touch cheeks and second of all people […]

Perhaps… Perhaps… Perhaps…

I recently heard this poem read and I found it very inspiring. PERHAPS… for the loneliness of an author Perhaps these thoughts of ours will never find an audience Perhaps the mistaken road will end in a mistake Perhaps the lamps we light one at a time will be blown out, one at a time […]

Expat Meme

I found this meme on Avoiding Crisis: 210 Days of Self-Exploration. Name five things you love in your new country My Friends No coffee to go More cultural events than you can wave a stick at How technology hasn’t completely isolated people Late nights Name four things you miss from your native country My family […]

The Buenos Aires Housing Hunt ABCs

I wrote this list while waiting in line to see what turned out to be a small dank apartment. A is for Arte. “Estoy arte de esperando aca en el frio.” B is for Blanco. They like you to be earning in “blanco” in order to get a place. C is for Clarin. Clarin is […]

Who are these expats?

Due to a recent comment on my blog I want to clear up what exactly this expat thing is. An expat is someone who’s living in a place that they do fundamentally identify with. This is very different from an immigrant. Quoting from the Wikipedia article on expats: The difference between an expatriate and an […]

What they do back home

Every expat wants to know what’s happening back in their home country. My home country? Well… USA! USA! This guy is from Brooklyn (not Japan as the label says):

Cookie Monster + Cookie Hero = Cookie Contest

Today Buenos Aires has born witness to a Cookie Monster who was apparently left uninvited to Frank’s delectable invite. However, our top investigators (me) have now discovered the true nature of the beast. Has Frank always been a Cookie Monster? Is it a sinister Mr. Hyde type character who comes out when the moon looks […]

Which expat are you?

[NOTE: This this the original post. The updated list is here.] Ok, so you’ve decided to move to a place without immigrating. You must be one of the following: Escaping the past Drugs, heartbreaks, failures, deaths? Leave it all behind and don’t look back. If you’re in a rut, a hole, a mire, join this […]

What little girls are made of

PART THE FIRST: WHEREIN BROWNIES ARE OBTAINED Today I went to an expat blogging meetup that was in a cookie factory called Sugar and Spice. Frank, who owns this gingerbread house of a store, was very generous and hospitable to invite us. And the spread was delectable. TOO MANY COOKIES For me the most interesting […]

Marc returns

WHEN I HEAR “UNITED STATES” THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF When coworker of mine recently got back from the States he was immediately faced with an array of questions from the US expats in the office: What was it like to be back? What had changed? What were the differences? As he spoke we […]

Cruel 2 B Kind Game

The infamous pillowfight at the Planetarium last year showed that viral marketing, a healthy sense of fun, and interactive public games are all coming to Buenos Aires. In the States large games like this are not unknown. A great example is Cruel 2 B Kind, a new twist on the classic game of Assasins where […]

Kitschy Kitschy Coup!

I read on the internet that there was an exhibit of Kitsch (not be confused with kitch, which is kitchen witchery) and decided to check it out. Kitsch is a word I never felt comfortable using for two reasons: 1) It always struck me as overly pretentious perhaps because 2) I never quite knew what […]

The Chilecito Spirit Cemetery

Though it isn’t the 30 pages that I promised Diva, here is an excerpt from my travel diary: The air in Chilecito was crisp and we walked around the town checking in and asking about various things: where to eat, where to look for property, where to buy artesanias, what we could visit and how. […]

Chilecito or bust

Last week I took a vacation to La Rioja, to a town called Chilecito. It was my first vacation within Argentina since I went to Mendoza over a year ago. Even that was just for the Semana Santa long weekend. Overall it was very cold. And it snowed a little. It was really nice for […]

Tales of the Carrefour

I live a block from Carrefour but if I go there, even for just a few items, I bargain for 45 minutes at least. The reason why is that it’s a is a place where you get lost. By USA standards it’s just a normal store but for Argentina it’s huge. Today Carrefour was crowded. […]

Menem spelled backwards is Menem

So Carlos Menem is back and he’s launching his political bid from La Rioja. If, like me, you don’t know who he is, I will give you a few hints. The first is to consult the obvious fountain of knowledge: his entry on Wikipedia. The second place to check out is his bio at carlosmenem.com, […]