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The Night Show

The Night Show enjoyed a popular run at Austin’s Coldtowne Theater. Here the host, Josh Krilov, interviews a guest.

The Angel of History

A Klee painting named Angelus Novus shows an angel looking as though he is about to move away from something he is fixedly contemplating. His eyes are staring, his mouth is open, his wings are spread. This is how one pictures the angel of history. His face is turned toward the past. Where we perceive […]

A Worried Headshot

I’m branching out a little bit on drawing with brushes in Photoshop. In this case I decided to redo an odd headshot I had done a few years ago.  The results simulate a physical drawing than anything I’ve done yet. It’s still uncanny to me that this is 100% digital.

Oh Science Painting

Here’s a Photoshop painting of the photo my improv troupe, Oh, Science!, used for our last poster. The strokes are all mine but you can thank the cloning brush for the colors.

Milo the Cat

I just finished working through a lynda.com photoshop tutorial on painting and drawing with brushes. I am having a ton of fun drawing Milo, our cat. It’s so wonderful to rediscover the joy of creating art as if for the first time.

Magician vs Clown Website

It’s the new year and we’ve already been having a handful of awesome Magician vs Clown shows and we have new brand new two longer shows already mapped out. One thing we have lacked, however, is a nice website that someone could visit and get a sense of what the act is about. To remedy […]

Cartoon Me

Part of coming up with an autobiographical comic is that you have to draw yourself. A lot.

Stop Being Ironic, Austin

Tracy Chan’s Austinist article, Stop Being Ironic, Austin (summarizing a NY Times Article articulates what irritates me about a lot of hipster culture. While there’s nothing wrong with silly for silliness’s sake, I think the irony is an attempt to deal with the self aware shallowness.

The Day After Thanksgiving

I never thought this would be me but here I am on November 23rd, listening to Christmas music while Annette decorates the house with lights. I’ve never liked Christmas much, except for advent calendars, which catered to both my obsessive-compulsive and chocolate-loving nature.

What are the characteristics of a good friend?

As a GED Instructor I would teach essay writing. We’re talking straightforward, vanilla 5-paragraph essays. Now the thing about these hyper standardized essays is that they must ask something that anyone at all could answer without having to read anything (it’s seperate from the reading test). The unintended result is that the questions can often […]

Daily Creativity

Starting January 1, Jeremy the Artist and I made a pact to draw every day and post it on the Daily Draw Tumblr for one year. Some folks have joined us for part of this year. As Jeremy reminds me when I miss a series, it’s a beast of a project but, if you can’t […]

Writing a comic

I’ve started writing a comic book. It’s going to be about 20 pages long and its about my ill-fated first day as a substitute teacher. Often with creative projects coming up with a useable workflow can be a substantial part of the battle. Currently I’m using Scrivener to outline and the ipad app Noteshelf to […]

Improvised Art Game

A year ago I had the opportunity to take an improv workshop from Rich Talarico, an amazing improviser from Chicago. One activity we did has really stuck with me and during my artistic plane flight back to Austin, my row-mates and I played with it. The idea is that you take turns make a small, […]

Story Spine: The Airplane

After boarding my 6am flight from Sacramento to Austin I was getting ready to immerse myself in my laptop.  However the people sitting in the row with me were so AWESOME that we made a story spine about airplanes. It blows me away how accessible this form of art is for people. I think I […]

Failure Resume

I just finished my online portfolio. I recently listened to this NPR Commonwealth Club with Tina Seeling who suggestd writing a resume of failures to outline the experiences that you’ve had that have put you where you are today.  It was pretty interesting and I recommend doing it.  It makes you realize that it’s the […]

low key christmas!

In Buenos Aires Christmas falls in Summer and Santa Clause wears shorts. It’s nice to come back and have some nice, down to earth, and really “normal”. This Christmas was low key, more like the ones in sitcoms than movies. This year was the first time I did the rosary thing at Annette’s house. Everyone […]

I just got a bike

It’s not the best bike in the world but it only cost $30.  I got it from a girl at a party. She was moving and wanted to get rid of the bike because she’d bought a better one. We hit it off and she offered to sell it to me for $20 and I […]