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The dragon represents the ego: collecting maidens who he will never cherish and gold he will never spend. There is constant gluttony, an overwhelming hunger, that is never sated: the desire to own what one can never use, to possess the symbols of power, wealth, and love for its own sake.


Annette and I went to mortified tonight. It’s a live show where people read selections from their middle or high school diaries. Your browser does not support the video tag

Django 1.5 Upgrade

Reading Two Scoops of Django and trying to apply some of this newfound knowledge on the reboot of the Assassins site. I’ve upgraded the site to Django 1.5 and take advantage of the new extendable AbstractClass user model. Unfortunately django-registration 1.0 isn’t completely 1.5 compatible and still directly imports User directly instead of using the […]

Improv Assassins T-Shirt

Ted Meredith won last year’s Austin Improv Assassins. The prize was a handmade T-shirt of him with his gun. I’m thinking the shirt will look great doing reverse screen printing using a past that removes color from the shirt instead of applying ink. In this case I’ll remove the negative space around the image on […]

Color Refurbishing of Old Artwork

I accumulate a lot of sketches and artwork that isn’t really stand-alone OK but there are still some great aspects. It’s fun to go back through, adding color, and cleaning up the images a little bit. Here are some of the results.