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Two scoops of Django

Django 1.5 Upgrade

Two scoops of Django

Delicious knowledge

Reading Two Scoops of Django and trying to apply some of this newfound knowledge on the reboot of the Assassins site.

I’ve upgraded the site to Django 1.5 and take advantage of the new extendable AbstractClass user model. Unfortunately django-registration 1.0 isn’t completely 1.5 compatible and still directly imports User directly instead of using the new get_user method. Luckily the folks at django-registration were kind enough to post all the edits you need to make to their code to get it up and running with less work than I’d feared.

Ted Meredith is Austin's Improv Assassin

Improv Assassins T-Shirt

Ted Meredith is Austin's Improv Assassin

Ted Meredith is Austin’s Improv Assassin

Ted Meredith won last year’s Austin Improv Assassins. The prize was a handmade T-shirt of him with his gun.

I’m thinking the shirt will look great doing reverse screen printing using a past that removes color from the shirt instead of applying ink. In this case I’ll remove the negative space around the image on the black shirt, getting the image above.

Confusing? Yes. Awesome? Yes. One of the benefits of this technique is that you get a fadeproof print because there’s no ink to flake off in the washing machine.

If you like you can support the Austin Improv Assassins game by purchasing a print on a shirt of your choice ($15).