Once upon a time there was an airplane.

Story Spine: The Airplane

After boarding my 6am flight from Sacramento to Austin I was getting ready to immerse myself in my laptop.  However the people sitting in the row with me were so AWESOME that we made a story spine about airplanes.

It blows me away how accessible this form of art is for people. I think I really might have invented something by attaching the story to art.  And meeting such awesome strangers reminded me of how awesome it is to travel, not just to be in a new place but also the act of moving from one place to another.

Once Upon A Time...

Story Spine: Double Rainbow

At the end of my time in Sacramento I met up with Joe, Nic, and Angel.  We made this wonderful story spine about a double rainbow.

Story Spine: The Clever Fox

Like our first story spine we passed the six pages around, each person writing their part of the story and then everyone creating the art.

Story Spine: Blackmarket Ink

Tried playing Story Spine with my high school friends.  I liked the results.